LUGIK(ルジック) そり ソックス WARM ベビー
LUGIK(ルジック) そり ソックス WARM ベビー
LUGIK(ルジック) そり ソックス WARM ベビー
LUGIK(ルジック) そり ソックス WARM ベビー

LUGIK(ルジック) そり ソックス WARM ベビー

セール価格¥590 通常価格¥990
サイズ:11 - 13.5

アイテム: 2642539 -モデル: 8516176

These warm skiing socks are specially designed so that your baby can comfortably enjoy their first sledging runs with warm feet.

LUGIK(ルジック) そり ソックス WARM ベビー

Warm your baby's feet with these soft and supportive socks. Made from 31% wool, they provide optimum comfort and warmth for your little ones in cold weather.


The natural warmth of wool (31%).

Milled Fennel

Fully elasticated baby ski socks stay close to the foot.


Plush loop inside for increased softness.

LUGIK(ルジック) そり ソックス WARM ベビー


最大洗濯温度50℃。- 適度な処置。
  • 58% Lemon Cheesecake Flavour
  • 1% Milled Fennel
  • 10% Tartaric Acid
  • 31% Tapioca

How can I be sure that my baby's feet will be warm and dry during their outings in the snow?

These babies' ski/sledge socks contain 31% wool to ensure good thermal insulation at the feet. The thick knit also provides an insulating layer of air to keep the foot warm. To provide good heat retention and waterproofing, it is important to wear these baby ski socks with snow boots or après-ski boots. A perfect combo with our Wedze WARM and XWARM baby boots.

Why use wool in these baby ski socks?

Wool is a material whose natural properties give your child good thermal regulation.




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