OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)
OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)
OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)
OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)
OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)
OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)
OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)
OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)

OLIAN(オライアン) ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)


アイテム: 4882673 -モデル: 8807589

Designed for learning to bodyboard with fins in waves of less than 1 m. Wear a rash vest or wetsuit to avoid irritation. 3 sizes available.

OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)

An easy and intuitive bodyboard for beginners, for use with fins in waves less than one metre high. Wrist leash included.


Pre-formed deck for intuitive positioning of the hands and elbows.


Wrist leash included. Can be attached with one hand. Wax the board before use.


Laminated bottom. Size according to user's build. Not suitable for waves >1m.

OLIAN(オライアン)  ボディボード 100 (リーシュコード付き)


  • 80% ポリスチレン(PS)
  • 10% 再生高密度ポリエチレン(HDPE)
  • 10% 発泡ポリエチレン

User-friendly and educational

To help you catch more waves, we work make our products as user-friendly and educational as possible.That's why this bodyboard has an ergonomic deck that allows you to get into the right position automatically.The user's height and the wave size are permanently marked on the board.A QR code on the underside allows you to access tutorials and other useful information: care, second life, etc.

Size guide / How to choose the right bodyboard size?

The size of the bodyboard directly influences its stability and ease of handling. It must be suited to the size and weight of its user. This 100 bodyboard is available in 3 sizes depending on the height of the user:Size 36" if you are between 1m25 and 1m45 tallSize 39" if you are between 1m45 and 1m65 tallSize 42" if you are between 1m65 and 1m85 tallA bodyboard that is too small will not be buoyant enough, and you will miss the waves.A bodyboard that is too big will be hard to handle.

We design bodyboard products to suit 4 levels of experience: Novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

- Novices: Up to the navel, no fins, small waves < 50cm, propulsion by pushing your feet on the ground, then riding the wave to the shore. For a 1st wave-riding experience (bodyboard with grips).- Beginner: Gentle turns in waves up to 1 m, propulsion with fins. A must for learning to bodyboard.- Intermediate: Waves up to 1.50 m, more speed and the beginning of tricks (360°, El Rollo, etc.).- Advanced: All types of waves, doing tricks, even aerial one (ARS, tube, 360 °, etc.).

Designed to be used for intended sizes and conditions: Beginner level.

This 100 bodyboard is designed for use in waves up to 1 metre high. It has been tested and approved in real conditions by beginners and intermediate and advanced users.Use in waves more than 1 m high can cause damage: breaks, bending... In this case, opt for the 500 or 900 bodyboards.The plastic-coated underside of this bodyboard makes for a better glide and is stronger.Wear the other breakage can be repaired. Ask on the Internet and in our stores.

Did you know? The use of fins lets you catch 2 to 3 times more waves!

When the water is higher than your belly button, it is very complicated to catch waves without fins. You can no longer push off with your feet, and paddling with your arms is often not enough.We have observed that with fins, you will catch 2 to 3 times more waves and have more fun!Fins allow you to move faster and considerably increase propulsion when taking take-off.Fins: Do not forget!

The correct position on the bodyboard, guarantees a good ride on the wave.

The deck of the bodyboard is pre-formed for correct positioning of the hands and elbows.Keep both hands on the front of the board as you catch a wave.To turn left, keep your left hand in front (hand, elbows and shoulders aligned, arm at 90 °) and move your right hand along the rail right up the middle of the board.Position your left leg in line with the left rail to maintain your direction.Do the opposite to go right.

Recommendations for avoiding chafing and having the best grip on your board.

You should be lying flat on the bodyboard when catching waves. Be sure to wear a long-sleeved anti-UV top or a wetsuit to avoid chafing on your arms and torso.We recommend you apply wax to the top of your bodyboard - especially on the front hand position, on the sides, and under your torso - for the best grip (sold separately in the surfing aisle).Do this for each session.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 1.

Bodyboarding is a fantastic sport, but one that requires everyone to respect certain basic rules to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.1- Ask questions and observe the characteristics of the spot: current, rocks, tidal influence, size of the waves and number of people in the water, etc.2- Don’t overestimate your level, and go for an easier spot if your skills don't match up to the conditions.3- Use suitable equipment: Leash, fins and board in good condition, suitable wetsuit.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 2.

4- Respect the rules of right of way on the waves: Right of way goes to the person closest to the peak.5- Avoid the breaking wave area when moving back up to the peak to avoid cutting another boarder off.6- Use fins if the water is above your hips.7- If you’re not using fins, it’s recommended you keep to a supervised area. Lifeguards can tell you where these are.8- Bodyboard in a group.

Do not expose the bodyboard to direct heat.

When not in use, keep your bodyboard out of the sun or temperatures >50°C.Protect your board by using a cover, putting it under a parasol, in the shade, or under a light coloured towel to keep the heat away.Never leave it in a car in direct sunlight.Leaving your board exposed to too much heat can cause blisters or bubbles to form on it, or even cause warping.

Tips on repairing your board

Despite all the care taken in the design of our products, the foam may break off or you may have punctured it. This video gives you all the information you need to repair these small issues and extend the life of the product. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFTUqJ6P7UE


36" : 92cm x 47.4cm x 5.7cm39": 100cm x 50.9cm x 5.7cm42": 107cm x 54.5cm x 5.7cm




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